<![CDATA[Board/Commission Membership Listing by Entity ID]]> <![CDATA[Director of the Division of Motor Vehicles ]]> <![CDATA[Director Department of Human Services ]]> <![CDATA[Director Department of Health ]]> <![CDATA[Director Department of Behavioral Healthcare, Developmental Disabilities and Hospitals ]]> <![CDATA[Chairperson of the Governor's Commission On Hispanic Affairs ]]> <![CDATA[Rep. Joseph S. Almeida ]]> <![CDATA[Rosemary Carmody as designee for Chairperson of the Governor's Commission on Disabilities]]> <![CDATA[Hollie Courage ]]> <![CDATA[Kathryn Hopkins ]]> <![CDATA[Clifford Montiero ]]> <![CDATA[Nancy R. Reed ]]> <![CDATA[Janet Ruggiero as designee for Secretary of State]]> <![CDATA[Rep. Maxine B. Shavers ]]> <![CDATA[Robert Sumner-Mack M.D. ]]> <![CDATA[Patrick Tengwall ]]> <![CDATA[ Vacant ]]> <![CDATA[ Vacant ]]> <![CDATA[ Vacant ]]>