<![CDATA[Recently Promulgated Regulations]]> <![CDATA[Disability Business Enterprises (525-RICR-20-00-1)]]> <![CDATA[Chapter G Effective Communications]]> <![CDATA[Chapter H Nondiscrimination eligibility criteria for services]]> <![CDATA[Chapter I Reasonable accommodation reques]]> <![CDATA[Chapter K Enhanced enforcement of disability parking]]> <![CDATA[Chapter N General Operating Rules]]> <![CDATA[Chapter P Open Meeting Telecommunication Accommodation Waiver Requests ]]> <![CDATA[Chapter A Open Meeting—Accessibility For Persons With Disabilities]]> <![CDATA[Chapter B Request for a waiver of the Accessibility standard for State leased facilities]]> <![CDATA[Chapter C Coordinating Compliance by State agencies with Laws protecting the rights of individuals with disabilities]]> <![CDATA[Chapter D Grievance procedures regarding complaints alleging discrimination by a State agency on the basis of a disability]]> <![CDATA[Chapter E Initiation of complaints against State agencies that willfully fail to comply with the laws protecting the rights of individuals with disabilities]]> <![CDATA[Chapter F Accessibility of State and State funded programs and activities]]> <![CDATA[Chapter L Mediation of complaints alleging discrimination on the basis of disability by a non-state agency]]> <![CDATA[Chapter M Assuring that people with disabilities are afforded the opportunities to exercise all of the rights and responsibilities accorded to the Citizens of this State]]> <![CDATA[Chapter O Investigation and Hearing of Complaints Relating to Alleged Violations of the Civil Rights of People with Disabilities]]>