<![CDATA[Recently Promulgated Regulations]]> <![CDATA[Automobile Insurance Rating (230-RICR-20-05-3)]]> <![CDATA[Motor Vehicle Damage Appraisers (formerly Insurance Regulation 42) (230-RICR-20-50-3)]]> <![CDATA[Auto Body Labor Rate Survey (230-RICR-20-05-10)]]> <![CDATA[Access to Public Records (230-RICR-10-00-1)]]> <![CDATA[Motor Vehicle Glass Repair (230-RICR-30-05-3)]]> <![CDATA[Corporate Governance (230-RICR-20-45-11)]]> <![CDATA[Rules and Regulations Related to the Medical Marijuana Program Administered by the Department of Business Regulation (230-RICR-80-05-1)]]> <![CDATA[Annual Financial Reporting (230-RICR-20-45-7)]]> <![CDATA[Commercial Licensing Regulation 16 – Motor Vehicle Body and Salvage Vehicle Repair Technician Certification]]> <![CDATA[Banking Regulation Number 5 – Mortgage Foreclosure]]> <![CDATA[Voluntary Restructuring of Solvent Insurers (230-RICR-20-45-6)]]> <![CDATA[Notice of Material Changes upon Renewal of Personal Motor Vehicle, Homeowner and Residential Fire Insurance (230-RICR-20-05-14)]]> <![CDATA[BANKING REGULATION 6 LENDERS, LOAN BROKERS, SMALL LOAN LENDERS AND MORTGAGE LOAN ORIGINATORS]]> <![CDATA[Check Cashers (230-RICR-40-20-2)]]> <![CDATA[INSURANCE REGULATION 103 LICENSING AND RENEWAL FEES]]> <![CDATA[Insurance Claim Adjusters (230-RICR-20-50-4)]]> <![CDATA[INSURANCE REGULATION 59 CREDIT FOR REINSURANCE]]> <![CDATA[Insurance Regulation Number 48 Coordination of Benefits]]> <![CDATA[INSURANCE REGULATION 41 ANNUITY DISCLOSURE]]> <![CDATA[Unfair Property/Casualty Claims Settlement Practices (230-RICR-20-40-2)]]> <![CDATA[BANKING REGULATION 5 MORTGAGE FORECLOSURE DISCLOSURE]]> <![CDATA[Property Insurance and Weather Related Claims (230-RICR-20-05-13)]]> <![CDATA[BANKING REGULATION 5 - MORTGAGE FORECLOSURE DISCLOSURE]]> <![CDATA[Uninsured and Underinsured Motorist Insurance (230-RICR-20-05-1)]]> <![CDATA[Commercial Insurance Cancellation, Non-Renewal and Premium or Coverage Changes (230-RICR-20-20-1)]]>