<![CDATA[Recently Promulgated Regulations]]> <![CDATA[Visits]]> <![CDATA[Inmate Mail]]> <![CDATA[Pre-Employment Background Investigations]]> <![CDATA[Access to Institutional Facilities by Attorneys and Their Agents]]> <![CDATA[27.01 DOC; Community Confinement Program]]> <![CDATA[28.25-3 DOC; Offender Supervision and Interstate Transfer Application Processing Fees (Fee Schedule ONLY, and Attachments 2B and 4)]]> <![CDATA[9.17 DOC Use of Restraints on Pregnant Detainees or Inmates]]> <![CDATA[3.03-6 DOC Equal Employment Opportunity/Affirmative Action]]> <![CDATA[9.41-4 DOC Detaining Visitors with Outstanding Warrants]]> <![CDATA[Inmate Telephone Priveleges/Monitoring]]> <![CDATA[Confidentiality of Medical Information (Photocopying costs ONLY)]]> <![CDATA[Religious Programs and Services]]> <![CDATA[1.06 DOC, Public Information/Media Access]]> <![CDATA[Medical Co-Payment Fee Schedule]]> <![CDATA[Reasonable Accommodation]]> <![CDATA[Parolee Assisted Living]]> <![CDATA[9.46-2 DOC Narcotics Detection Program]]> <![CDATA[Women's Transitional Housing Program Offender Fees (27.02 DOC)]]> <![CDATA[20.01 DOC, Inmate Furloughs; 03/12/1998]]>