<![CDATA[Recently Promulgated Regulations]]> <![CDATA[Rules and Regulations Relating to the Rhode Island Lobbying Reform Act (100-RICR-40-15-1)]]> <![CDATA[Placement of Local Referenda/Questions on Election Ballot]]> <![CDATA[Rules and Regulations of the Rhode Island Secretary of State Establishing the Procedure for the Issuance of Voter Identification Cards]]> <![CDATA[Rules and Regulations of the Rhode Island Secretary of State Relating to Access to its Public Records]]> <![CDATA[Acquisition of Land-Registry of Leases]]> <![CDATA[Rules and Regulations for the Making and Management of Imaged Public Records]]> <![CDATA[Rules and Regulations in Connection with the Rhode Island Restoration of Voting Rights Act of 2006 (RIRVRA)]]> <![CDATA[Rules and Regulations in Connection with Independent Presidential Electors Qualifying for Ballot Placement, Acceptance of Names of Party Presidential Electors, and Acceptance of Names of Presidential Candidates]]> <![CDATA[Rule Governing Form for Filing of Administrative Procedures Rules and Regulations by State Agencies and Failure to Properly File ]]> <![CDATA[Rules and Guidelines for the Rhode Island State Publications Clearinghouse]]> <![CDATA[Rules and Regulations for the Determination of Classes of Goods and Services Associated with the Administration of Chapter 6-2 of the General Laws of Rhode Island]]> <![CDATA[Uniform Commercial Code Revised Article 9]]> <![CDATA[Rules and Regulations for Microfilm Standards]]> <![CDATA[Rules and Regulations in Connection with Executive Branch and Public Corporation Lobbying Activities]]> <![CDATA[Rules and Regulations in Connection with Legislative Lobbying Activities]]> <![CDATA[Electronic Filing of Meeting Minutes and Notices - Open Meetings]]> <![CDATA[Gubernatorial Portraits]]> <![CDATA[Ballot Placement]]> <![CDATA[Central Voter Registry]]> <![CDATA[Regulations for Local Boards of Canvassers in the Periodic Updating of Voter Registration Records]]> <![CDATA[Trainee Election Officials]]> <![CDATA[Address Confidentiality for Victims of Domestic Violence]]>