<![CDATA[Recently Promulgated Regulations]]> <![CDATA[RULES AND REGULATIONS PERTAINING TO HOSPITAL CONVERSIONS ACT]]> <![CDATA[Department of Attorney General Rules and Regulations Regarding Training under the Access to Public Records Act]]> <![CDATA[Access to Public Records Regulations]]> <![CDATA[Rules and Regulations for Real Estate Time Share/Interval Ownership Sales and Practices]]> <![CDATA[Rules of Practice and Procedure at Rule-Making Hearings]]> <![CDATA[Rules and Regulations for Reverse Undercover/Proprietary Operations]]> <![CDATA[Rules and Regulations Relating to the Sale of Motor Vehicles with Tampered, Altered, Replaced, Reset, or at anytime Disconnected Odometer Gauges]]> <![CDATA[Rules and Regulations Relating to the Licensing and Regulation of the Private Security Guard Business]]> <![CDATA[Rules and Regulations for the Precious Metals Regulatory Enforcement Unit]]> <![CDATA[Guidelines to Prevent Retaliatory Evictions]]> <![CDATA[AntiTrust]]> <![CDATA[Charitable Trust]]>