<![CDATA[Recently Promulgated Regulations]]> <![CDATA[Municipal Solid Waste Disposal Fee Pricing Structure and Procedure (845-RICR-00-00-4)]]> <![CDATA[Amended By-Laws Through April 29, 2015]]> <![CDATA[Rhode Island Resource Recovery Annual Municipal Solid Waste Cap Allotments (845-RICR-00-00-3)]]> <![CDATA[Rules and Regulations For the Prohibition of Out-Of-State Waste at the Rhode Island Resource Recovery Corporation Central Landfill]]> <![CDATA[Rules Regarding the Acquisition of Residentially Zoned Property Within One Thousand Feet of the Entire Operational Area of the Central Landfill and all Residential Real Property in the Town of Johnston Located on Simmons Lake Drive]]> <![CDATA[Rules Regarding the Acquisition of Residential Real Property Located Not Less Than One Thousand (1,000) Feet and Not Greater Than Two Thousand (2,000) Feet From the Entire Operational Portion of the Central Landfill, Which Real Property is not Subject to Acquisition Pursuant to Rhode Island General Laws 23-19-34 (1989 Enactment)]]> <![CDATA[Rules for the Selection of Construction Managers]]> <![CDATA[Rules for the Selection of Architects, Engineers and Consultants]]> <![CDATA[Rules for the Procurement of Supplies, Services, Construction, Bond Counsel and Legal Counsel]]> <![CDATA[Rhode Island Solid Waste Management Corporation Flow Control Regulations (845-RICR-00-00-1)]]> <![CDATA[House Moving and Selling Rules]]>