<![CDATA[Recently Promulgated Regulations]]> <![CDATA[Regulation 17: Filing and Review of Health Insurance Plan Forms and Rates]]> <![CDATA[OFFICE OF THE HEALTH INSURANCE COMMISSIONER REGULATION 11 SMALL EMPLOYER HEALTH INSURANCE AVAILABILITY REGULATION]]> <![CDATA[OFFICE OF THE HEALTH INSURANCE COMMISSIONER REGULATION 15 DISCOUNT MEDICAL PLAN ORGANIZATIONS]]> <![CDATA[Office of the Health Insurance Commissioner Regulation 14 Tobacco Cessation Treatment Coverage]]> <![CDATA[Regulation 5 - Standards for Readability of Health Insurance Forms]]> <![CDATA[Regulation 9 Advertisements of Medicare Supplement Insurance ]]> <![CDATA[Regulation 8 Medicare Supplement Insurance Minimum Standards]]> <![CDATA[Regulation 10 - Cafeteria Plans]]> <![CDATA[Regulation 4 - Declaratory Rulings and Petitions]]> <![CDATA[Regulation 13 - Multiple Employer Welfare Arrangements]]> <![CDATA[Regulation 7 - Prompt Processing of Claims]]> <![CDATA[Regulation 1 - Adoption of Existing Administrative and Health Insurance-Related Regulations of the Department of Business Regulation]]> <![CDATA[REGULATION 1--ADOPTION OF EXISTING ADMINISTRATIVE AND HEALTH INSURANCE-RELATED REGULATIONS OF THE DEPARTMENT OF BUSINESS REGULATION ]]> <![CDATA[Regulation 6--RATE HEARING PROCEDURES ON HEALTH BENEFIT PLANS]]> <![CDATA[REGULATION 1]]> <![CDATA[REGULATION 6]]>